Today we are assisting to an historical landmark: space exploration as a former Governments-only prerogative is now an important investment path for Businesses. Space exploration made a step forward to become the next big challenge of the Mankind: the colonization of other planets. We want to make easier for people all over the world to love Astronomy!

In July 20, 1969 more than half Billion people were looking at the TV to see the first man on the Moon. At 45 years distance, space travels does not attract so many people anymore, but anybody in the world dreams to set a foot upon another planet. In these 45 years the mankind made a huge number of steps forwards in Astronomy and Physics. Few of these are aware to the majority of people, while the future of the mankind is every day more influenced by those discoveries.

Our aim is to reach the widest number of people in popularizing the Astronomy science through a free international and multilingual e-magazine platform.

Our Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign
Building a brand new science awareness platform is not easy. We just need the fuel to start! We agreed to use contents for free for a period, but we need to create the e-magazine application and to translate articles in the first three languages.

Why free?
Free, absolutely free! We want to make the Astronomy free for everybody: reading and learning about Astronomy and Physics has to be just free ... just like a child dreaming to be an astronaut.

Simple and free for anybody in the world: this is the only key to spread the Astronomy culture across the widest number of people.

Why international?
The Country you live in, the Astronomy magazine you will find there. We are NOT competing with them, we want to help them in getting more and more passionate readers! Localized magazines offer in-depth astronomy articles and observing hints, you will need them!

We just want to diffuse a science culture in the Astronomy field, to support the space-dreams anybody usually has. This is a worldwide target, focusing especially on Developing Countries and on people who can not still afford a 5 $ magazine expense.

Why multilingual?
International usually means English, but this is a limit. We need to reach everybody in the world, so our object is to make all contents available in any language. We will begin from English, Spanish and Italian (basing on active partnerships), and move forward with French, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Hindi, Arabic, Bengali, Swahili, Japanese, Punjabi, Javanese, Wu, Malay, Telugu, Vietnamese, Korean, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Persian, Turkish, Thai, Cantonese ... and more.

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